How Do You Review the Service Quality of a Company

Service quality is not something to be achieved then forgotten as fast. You should have a regular review and revision of the service quality of the business to ensure you keep the high standard. You should work continually aiming at improving service quality. Incorporate any suggested improvements from reviews made into the workplace standards and systems, training programs for staff and business plan. Reviewing the service quality of a company is not as easy as making a review on a restaurant’s food like rice pudding recipe no eggs or whatsoever. 

There are various service quality models which can be used to review service quality. Such models include:


Nordic model


This model defines service quality by outcome or technical and process for functional related dimensions. It measures service quality by comparing the performance perceived and the service expected. There are three components which define this model. The components are; service environment, service delivery and service product.


Servqual model


This model uses the difference between the level of delivered service and the level of expected service. Service quality is measured with five dimensions for this service. The dimensions are tangibility, empathy, assurances, responsiveness and reliability.


Multilevel model


This model suggests that service quality should be measured in three stages. The stages are overall service quality perceptions; primary dimensions then lastly sub-dimensions. However, the model needs to put into consideration factors like price, environment among others.


Checklist for reviewing company service quality




Does the business work with a vision? Have you scribbled down a statement for the same?




Does your business plan incorporate service quality? Have you ever had a strategy workshop involving all the key employees?


Customers’ needs


Do you have quite good knowledge of the needs of your customers? Have you done an analysis of your competitors’ work?


Suitable staff


Are the services delivered by the right people for service quality? Do your managers lead by example while valuing details of customer service?


Standards and systems


Do you have any implemented systems for streamlining the business? Have you outlined standards of service quality to be met by the staff?


Manage and measure


Have you used market and customer research to measure your service quality success? Are you running a competition requiring customers to provide some feedback?


Recognize and reward


Have you at one time rewarded staff after recognizing their excellent achievement in service quality? Do you reward customers’ who take time to give valuable feedback?


Reputation management


Are your guests online requested to write reviews? Are there strategies managing your reputation online?


Revise and review


As per customer feedback have you made any changes? Is there a set date for revising and reviewing the service quality of your company?


Quality of service is among the best way of marketing managers to get information for analysis about the perceptions, wants and needs of customers about the provided services. Such information helps managers identify problems as well as come up with strategic plans to help in improving overall performance, profitability and efficiency.


All the above-mentioned models are good for reviewing service quality for your company but each has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, as a manager, you should consider which model works best for your company and use it for reviewing service quality.

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